On 11th November 2016, Jim Blurton, a world leading farrier and designer of horseshoes and specialist tools, will be running a specialist farrier clinic. The clinic was auctioned off in aid of the Steve Fisher Charity.

The Steve Fisher Charity was set up to raise vital funds for Stevie Fisher, a fellow farrier, who in August 2014 suffered a brain stem stroke, followed by a lung infection leading to pneumonia.

Following a testing few weeks where Stevie was put in a coma to allow his lungs to recover, he was brought round, however he now faced the new challenge. Stevie now suffers from locked in syndrome; his brain function being fine, but having no movement other than blinking.

Before suffering a stroke, Stevie was in the process of completing the Worshipful Company of Farriers probationary judging; on his way to becoming a judge of Farrier competitions, so a competition was set up in his own name – held in August 2015.

In addition to the competition, other events to raise funds to support Stevie in his rehabilitation were held including auctioning workshops led by Jim and a number of other farriers.

Jim has been supporting the Stevie Fisher Charity since launch, and he will now be providing a farrier master class to the auction winners, each paying £300 for the opportunity, and receiving an education, whilst supporting a cause close to Jim’s heart.

If you would like to know more about the Stevie Fisher Competition find out more here.

To find out more about workshops and classes with Jim, email sales@jimblurton.co.uk or call 01938 580222 today.