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Hoofcast is a resin impregnated mesh casting material that is an affordable and user-friendly option for the treatment of hoof problems where support and protection are needed.

Hoofcast provides protection from wear, helps strengthen and stabilize the hoof capsule and is excellent for therapeutic applications. It is wrapped dry with the help of adhesive holding the first layer, then wetted to activate the resin and cure it.

HoofCast is a product that is used to efficiently protect and aid a compromised foot. The product consists of a lightweight fiberglass cloth that when impregnated with water, activates a resin that will make it into a strong reinforcement for a hoof that has been compromised due to excess shoeing.

A regular horseshoe can be nailed onto this reinforced wall repeatedly without affecting the compromised hoof wall. It also used as a protection and reinforcement for thin walled horses to transition to barefoot effectively.


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Hoofcast Specifications
  • Dry Technique
  • Resin Impregnated Mesh Fabric
  • Three Sizes: 2” x 4 yds; 3” x 4 yds 4″ x 4 yds.
Hoofcast Features
  • Dry technique provides much greater working time and control by allowing the user the choice when to activate and cure the resin.
  • Resin impregnated mesh fabric conforms to the hoof, provides support, wear protection and stabilizes the whole hoof.
  • Three sizes give the user a choice depending on hoof size.

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