Showing Gene Lieser

Invited Brand – Gene Lieser

Gene Lieser is a world recognised and award winning Certified Journeyman Farrier based in Texas, United States.

Throughout his career Gene has participated in forging contests around the world, being recognised for his expertise with numerous wins throughout the years – some of Gene’s most exciting victories include:

American Farrier’s Association Forging Contest;
In Mail-In Forging Contest.
World Horseshoeing Classic.
World Champion Blacksmith.

Gene also provides master classes to farriers in the US and further afield – as well as developing his own range of expert horseshoes and farrier tools including the Gene Lieser Vice, launched in spring 2017.

The Gene Leiser vice is regarded as the World’s best Farriers vice for everyday use and especially when competing. It grips 2 shoes of different thickness at one time and holds them solidly for rasping and finishing. Used by all the world’s top competition farriers, this vice will not let you down. Jim Blurton is proud to manufacture this amazing vice, under license for Gene Lieser for sales outside of North America – call 01938 580222 or email [email protected].