Jim makes products that inspire your journey.

Welcome to Jim Blurton, internationally acclaimed brand for the design, manufacture and distribution of specialist horseshoes and farrier tools, now available through our online shop.

Distributing worldwide Jim Blurton is widely acknowledged as a market leader in the crafting of functional, high-quality horseshoes and farrier tools, used across the globe by farriers and horse owners who are dedicated to horse welfare whilst maximising equine performance.

Jim Blurton, a world champion farrier with over 40 years’ experience remains the driving force behind the business, taking the lead role in designing and crafting specialist horseshoes and farrier tools, all tried, tested and honed in Jim’s Farrier business based in Forden, Wales.  Jim Blurton is an acclaimed Equine Podiatrist, working across the globe improving horse performance.

Jim Blurton set up Forden Farriers in 1980 and since this time has established a Farrier practice that is dedicated to improving farrier skills worldwide, through dedicated apprenticeships at its welsh-based premises and operating hands-on teaching clinics across the globe.

Based just outside Welshpool, Jim and his team continue to shoe a mixture of elite competition horses and racehorses as well as pleasure horses and ponies.

Over the past 40 years over 40 apprentices have learnt their trade with Forden Farriers, many of them going on to compete internationally. Today, Forden Farriers is a team of ten and covers an area from Cheshire down to Gloucester. The team shoe for some of the countries most prestigious and successful Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage yards.

Research and development for Jim Blurton’s growing range of specialist horseshoes and farrier tools takes place at Forden Farriers. Working with local vets Jim Blurton continues to trial and test new horseshoe innovations, designed to address specific equine ailments.