3D Hoofcare Full Mesh Pad (per pair)

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3D Hoofcare Full Mesh Pad is designed to protect the entire sole in horses riding or living in a stony or rocky environment to prevent any sole bruise or puncture. It will also work very well as a hind pad as even though it is a front shoe pattern the pad strength will not be lost due to there being no branches as with the Half Mesh or Ed Eclipse.

One of the greatest benefits is that this pad can be easily modified to emulate both the EE and HM or any configuration to suit the foot it is applied to. This pad is designed to stop the frog from descending to the ground through peripheral loading of the hoof wall that results in sore heels and possible corns.

It is used in conjunction with a digital impression material and has various degrees to help re align the hoof pastern axis angle.

It is designed to be used in any pasture or riding environment for maximum protection and support.


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3D Hoofcare Full Mesh Pad

FM4 Outer Width (MM) 147, Inner Width (MM) 94

FM5 Outer Width (MM) 156, Inner Width (MM) 99

FM6 Outer Width (MM) 170, Inner Width (MM) 109

FM7 Outer Width (MM) 190, Inner Width (MM) 120

Click here – for help regarding the relative pad sizes for shoe types Mustad, St Croix, Kerckhaert, Werkman and Khan Forge.

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