3D Hoofcare Half Mesh Narrow Pad Flat (per pair)

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3D Hoofcare Half Mesh Pad Flat – This pad will cover both the narrow front and hind foot. It will also be in a new smaller size 1 (112 mm, 4.4 inches) upwards to size 6. The frog is 4mm narrower to accommodate the heel branches and enough width and length for added heel support.

This pad is designed to stop the frog from descending to the ground through peripheral loading of the hoof wall that results in sore heels and possible corns.

It is used in conjunction with a digital impression material and has various degrees to help re align the hoof pastern axis angle. It is designed to be used in a controlled pasture and riding environment that has no stones to puncture the exposed sole area.


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3D Hoofcare Half Mesh Narrow Pad Flat

HMN1 Width (MM) 112, Length (MM) 118

HMN2 Width (MM) 124, Length (MM) 130

HMN3 Width (MM) 135, Length (MM) 142

HMN4 Width (MM) 147, Length (MM) 155

HMN5 Width (MM) 155, Length (MM) 164

HMN6 Width (MM) 169, Length (MM) 179

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