Jim Blurton, acclaimed Equine Podiatrist

Jim Blurton is an acclaimed Equine Podiatrist dedicated to improving horse performance. With over 40 years’ experience running a successful farrier business in the UK Jim continues to design, craft, test and hone a range of specialist remedial horseshoes. Jim Blurton works with clients across the globe delivering a range of expert services that focus on the treatment and prevention of diseases of the equine foot to improve performance in show jumping, eventing, dressage and race horses.

International Equine Podiatry services

Jim Blurton Equine Podiatry services include:

  • The analysis of horse conformation and movement;
  • Equine podiatry diagnosis, treatment and maintenance;
  • Remedial and therapeutic shoeing (including innovative shoe design and development).

Troubleshooting or long term care

Jim provides an emergency, one-off troubleshooting service typically deployed when a horse has become lame shortly before an important event. Jim will provide on-location expert advice and remedial shoeing to return the horse to form, where possible. This emergency service can deliver immediate results. However, the most effective services for improving long-term equine performance are Jim’s in-house assessment and ongoing farrier management and training programmes, dedicated to looking after your horse stock from birth to a successful career and beyond.

About Jim Blurton

Distributing worldwide since 2007, Jim Blurton is widely acknowledged as a market leader in the crafting of functional, high quality remedial horseshoes used across the globe by farriers who are dedicated to horse welfare, whilst maximising equine performance.

The launch of the revolutionary Bar Shoe range designed by Jim Blurton saw his reputation as a worldwide expert on remedial shoeing and shoemaking further enhanced.

Olympic Equine Podiatrist

Internationally recognised for his expertise Jim was honoured to be the lead farrier for the 2012 and 2016 Olympics.   He played a vital role in providing general, emergency and specialist farrier services to the team farriers rapidly responding to emergency situations, from which one horse and rider went on to win individual and team gold medals.

Equine Podiatry clinics and training

Jim is much in demand by equine establishments worldwide.  He regularly runs clinics in the UK, Europe, USA, Middle and Far East on shoemaking and foot rehabilitation.

Jim introduced a course of equine podiatry lectures and demonstrations to novice farriers and volunteers at the Rio Olympics as part of his mission to leave a real farrier legacy.  This legacy work continues now that Jim is back in the UK, with on-going educational development for farriers and animal care professionals to take part in future.