Lateral Extension – Hind Shoe – Side Clipped (per pair)

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The Lateral Extension Hind Horseshoe is used for many different things. They are very useful for horses that ‘Brush’ as its works by widening the horse’s gait during locomotion. It can also be used as a support shoe and in the treatment of bone spavin. Horses with bone spavin attempt to unload the dorsal (front) aspect of the small tarsal joints by redistributing their weight. The lateral extension is used in an attempt to make the horse more comfortable, by changing the weight distribution.

Jim Blurton has made sure that the farrier can easily fit these and have confidence in their stability. A deeper fullering on the outside branch of the shoe maintains a good strong nailing. The shoe has no welds, ensuring there are no weak points in the shoe. The shoe incorporates a roll toe and is safed off at the heel. Side clips are standard and they have counter sunk stud hole islands. Unique to these shoes they incorporate pitched nail holes providing a different angle for each nail making it easier to nail on.

Available as part of the Jim Blurton remedial horse shoe range, the sports heart bar shoe design was developed and tested at Jim’s forge in Mid Wales. It has been tested by some of the world’s leading farriers and equine experts, and is now available worldwide online. The lateral extension hind horse shoe is available in a range of different sizes.


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Jim Blurton Lateral Extension Hind Shoe Side Clipped

Size Width Length
0 125mm | 5″ 141mm | 5 1/2″
1 133mm | 5 1/4″ 150mm | 6″
2 139mm | 5 1/2″ 157mm | 6 1/4″
3 148mm | 5 3/4″ 166mm | 6 1/2″

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