Egg Bar – Front Shoe – Side Clipped (per pair)

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The Jim Blurton Egg Bar Front Shoe Side Clipped is an oval shaped shoe and is usually used on horses with pre-navicular and navicular disease. The frog is not supported, as the bar extends behind it, which can be a problem when used with very flat feet, as the frog will “drop through” because it is unsupported. In this case, a Heart Bar shoe may be better.

The Egg Bar Front Shoe Side Clipped has a considerably enlarged heel-bearing surface and is usually applied to the front feet with a rolled toe. Recently, Egg Bar shoes have been fitted to hind feet, as the extended heel surface gives support to horses with hock problems. The shoe incorporates a roll toe and is safed off at the heel. Side clips are standard and they have a countersunk position for stud holes. Unique to these shoes they incorporate pitched nail holes providing a different angle for each nail making it easier to nail on.

Available as part of the Jim Blurton remedial horseshoe range, the egg bar shoe design was developed and tested at Jim’s forge in Mid Wales. It has been tested by some of the world’s leading farriers and equine experts, and is now available worldwide online. The egg bar shoe is available in a range of sizes (section size increases with size of shoe) with options including the egg bar – front shoe – side clipped.


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Jim Blurton Egg Bar Front Shoe Side Clipped

Size Width Length
000 114mm | 4 1/2″ 121mm | 4 3/4″
00 121mm | 4 3/4″ 127mm | 5″
0 127mm | 5″ 133mm | 5 1/4″
1 133mm | 5 1/4″ 140mm | 5 1/2″
2 140mm | 5 1/2″  146mm | 5 3/4″
3 146mm | 5 3/4″  153mm | 6″
4 153mm | 6″  159mm | 6 1/4″
5 159mm | 6 1/4″  165mm | 6 1/2″

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