World Horseshoeing Classic 2019 Results

The Blurton Barshoes team included Jim Blurton, Andy Reader-Smith, Liam Collins and Alex Collier, all putting on amazing performances throughout the competition, finishing 6th overall. Congratulations to Team Mustad and all competitors, and to the judges/organisers that made this great event happen.

Overall Results:

  1. Team Mustad
  2. Horseshoes Plus
  3. Handmade Wrangler
  4. American Farriers 
  5. Canadian Farriers
  6. Blurton Specialised Shoes
  7. Handmade Shoes
  8. WCB
  9. Professional Farrier Supply
  10. PPFA – Fingerlakes MFG

Kentucky Horseshoeing School plays host to the World Horseshoeing Classic 2019 taking place Feb 28th – March 3rd. There are 10 Coke Forging Stations in 10,000 feet of covered competition area. These are all surrounded by the rolling hills of Kentucky Bluegrass. For more information visit website

Eighteen teams from around the world will shoe one horse each of the three days with handmade shoes working out of coke forges. Each team member will shoe one foot. Day one is Roadster Shoeing, day two is Draft Shoeing and day three is Hunter Shoeing. Winning team takes home the grand prize — $10,000.00!


  • Bob Pethick, CJF – USA
  • Colain “Duck” Duret, CJF – Canada
  • Andy Martin, AWCF – U.K

World Horseshoeing Classic is one of the biggest events in the Farrier industry’s competition calendar. The Jim Blurton Specialised Horseshoes Team are already preparing for the competition and will be fighting for the title of World Champions.

Jim Blurton won the title of individual World Champion at Calgary in July 2005, and has since led the team to numerous victories, something that has cemented his reputation as an international farrier expert, as well as recognition for his range of specialist tools and horseshoes, used worldwide.

Billed as  3 days, 18 teams, 72 farriers, one prize – World Champions, $10,000’ by the hosts – the competition will be highly contested with highly experienced farriers from around the world already confirmed.

The team will compete in 3 different areas – draft shoes, hunter shoes and roadster shoes – with each member of the team being scored individually throughout the 3 day event – contributing to the final team score.

Jim Blurton Specialised Horseshoes Team will be represented by:
  • Jim Blurton
  • Andrew Reader-Smith
  • Alex Collier
  • Liam Collins

Jim Blurton said: The World Horseshoeing Classic is always a great opportunity to showcase our expertise in front of a world-wide audience, meet with other industry experts and discuss industry updates.’