The featured product of the week is the Jim Blurton Elite Combo Buffer Clenchgroover, officially launched in 2017. An updated version of the original Jim Blurton design – the buffer/ clench groover is designed to last, withstanding the wear and tear of everyday

Jim Blurton is a world champion farrier with over 40 years’ experience in the industry. He is widely recognised as a market leader in the crafting of functional, high-quality horseshoes and farrier tools. These high-quality horseshoes and farrier tools are used across the globe by farriers and horse owners who are dedicated to horse welfare whilst maximising equine performance.

The buffer/ clench groover is available as part of the Jim Blurton Professional Farrier Tool Range and has been developed in-house at Jim’s forge in Mid Wales, this featured product has also been tested by leading farriers and equine experts as part of the design and manufacturing process.

Read on to find out more about the Jim Blurton Combo Buffer Clenchgroover.

Product Information 

The Jim Blurton combo buffer/ clench groover has been designed to give a clean, quick and quality clench groove. Fitted with a comfortable wooden handle, it is available in left or right-handed options.

The new range of Elite clench cutters and undercutters takes our tools to a new level of design, function and quality. Each tool is machine cut from high-grade tool steel. The steel is 6mm thick to provide consistency and durability. They have been designed to provide the farrier with a tool that looks and feels great and performs great every time it is used. The new Elite range consists of left and right-handed undercutter, left and right handed combo undercutter/clench cutter, double ended undercutter, clench cutter and buffer.

Where can you buy the Jim Blurton Combo Buffer/ Clenchgroover

The Buffer Undercutter is available online, it is also stocked at a number of stockists worldwide, find your nearest stockist here.