Jim Blurton has been providing guidance on remedial horseshoeing for over 40 years in the UK and further afield, in addition to creating a complete range of farrier tools – designed and tested by him and his team at the forge in Mid Wales. Jim has now expanded his services with the launch of an international specialist equine podiatry service.

Tailored Farrier Management and Training Services

Jim Blurton is recognised as a world expert in remedial horseshoeing (designing a specialist range of shoes in addition to hosting workshops worldwide on the topic). This expertise is now available worldwide, with the following services available;

  • The analysis of horse conformation and movement;
  • Equine podiatry diagnosis, treatment and maintenance;
  • Remedial and therapeutic shoeing (including innovative shoe design and development).

Jim’s expert services focus on the treatment and prevention of diseases of the equine foot, improving performance in events and the overall welfare of the horse.

All services can be provided as a one-off emergency service, typically required for horses struggling ahead of events; Jim can provide on location support and where possible return the horse to form in a short time period.

Alternatively, the services can be provided as a part of a long-term programme designed to maximise equine performance through ongoing farrier management and training programmes tailored to each horse’s requirements.

Specialist Remedial Horseshoes and Farrier Tools

Jim’s expertise in remedial horseshoeing has seen him placed recently in the role of lead farrier at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, in addition to placing at international competitions over the past 40 years.

Throughout this time Jim has developed a complete range of horseshoes including the revolutionary bar shoe to treat conditions such as laminitis, or the sports bar shoe, perfect for supporting sporting horses.

He has also created a range of farrier tools, initially developed for his personal use during his early competition years, before further developing his range for all farriers.

The Jim Blurton specialist horseshoes and farrier tools are now distributed internationally and available direct through Jim’s online shop.

For further information on the horseshoes and tools, or to find out more about the Specialist Equine Podiatry Service, get in touch with Jim Blurton today. Call 01938 580222 or email info@jimblurton.co.uk.