Stud Punch Wooden Handle

£47.10 ex VAT

Jim Blurton Stud Punch Wooden Handle – The head is made from S1 tool steel which is an air hardened tool steel that can be easily maintained. The tool has been designed to punch a hole in the shoe to allow the use of a stud. It is available in two sizes – 3/8” (10mm) or 5/16” (8mm) The handle is 18” long to keep the users hand away from the hot steel and is made from high-quality hickory and grooved for grip.


The Jim Blurton Stud Punch Wooden Handle offers the best performance when it is maintained well. It is recommended that sharpening of the stud punch is done at normal forging temperatures and allowed to air cool. The stud punch should ideally be placed on the side of the forge whilst cooling. It is not recommended that the stud punch is placed on a cold surface as sudden cooling may cause stress fractures. Any burrs that may occur on the head should be regularly ground back.


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