EasyShoe 3D FAQ

EasyShoe 3D is available in the US from 3D Hoofcare.com and worldwide on Jim Blurton website

Question – How is the EasyShoe 3D sized?

Answer –  The EasyShoe 3D comes in sizes that correspond to the widest part of the horse’s hoof. Each shoe is 4mm different in size. Measure a horse’s hoof at the widest point.

Question – Are the shoes Front and Hind Pattern specific?

Answer – Yes. The EasyShoe 3D comes in front and hind patterns. The front and hind patterns allow for a better fit without modification. Hind patterns can also be used on narrow front hooves.

Question – How long can the EasyShoe 3D stay on?

Answer – The EasyShoe 3D can stay on for a full trim cycle. (4-6+ weeks)

Question – Can the EasyShoe 3D be reset? 

Answer – Yes. It is typical to get 1-2 resets per pair. New 11 Finger Tabs can be welded on for a reset.

Question – What kind of glue is used?

Answer – EasyShoe Quick Set Super Glue.

Question – What tools do I need to apply the EasyShoe 3D? 

Answer – To apply the EasyShoe 3D, you will need EasyShoe Quick Set Super Glue and Plastic Wrap. Additional tools may be needed for hoof preparation including a rasp, hoof buffy, butane torch, etc.

Question – Can studs be used on the EasyShoe 3D?

Answer – Yes. EasyCare Quick Studs can be applied for added traction.

Question – Can I adjust the breakover? 

Answer – Yes. It’s easy to rasp or grind away material for a custom breakover.

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