World Horseshoeing Classic 2018

The World Horseshoeing Classic 2018 results truly showcased the talent of Team Blurton Barshoes with a top 10 finish overall, and a top 3 position in the Hunter class category.

Taking place over 3 days, from 21st February  – 24th February, 18 teams comprised of 72 world class farriers fought for the title of world champions. The annual competition is held at the Kentucky Horseshoeing School in Lexington, and is hugely prestigious in the farrier world. 
World Horseshoeing Classic Results 2018

The team Blurton Barshoes included Andy Reader-Smith, Matt Randles, Gavin Golby and Iain Allinson (Spud), all putting on amazing performances throughout the competition, finishing 7th overall.

The World Horseshoeing Classic Results 2018 are:
Overall Results:

1. (WCB) World Championship Blacksmiths

2. Cat 6

3. Scotland

4. GB
5. Horseshoes Plus

6. Handmade Shoes

7. Blurton Bar Shoes
8. Pitch Perfect

9. American farriers Team

10. Silverback

Class results:

Draft Shoeing Class

1.Team WCB

2. Cat 6 

3. Horseshoes Plus

Hunter Class

1. Scotland

2. GB

3. Blurton Bar Shoes

Roadster Class

1. Scotland 

2. WCB 

3. Cat 6