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About World Championship Blacksmiths

World Championship Blacksmiths is an official stockist of Jim Blurton specialist horseshoes and farrier tools based in New Mexico, USA.

World Championship Blacksmiths, LLC was formed in the spring of 2006 as a membership based organisation, that came from an idea that the company CEO, Craig Trnka had been thinking of for many years.

It is a group of proactive people with a lot of energy that is moving forward at a constant pace. The aim is to produce horseshoeing competitions at venues in the vicinity of the horse owning public to show and educate the values of a well-educated farrier.

The first Super Clinic took place in a covered arena in Houston Texas in January of 2007. Over 200 farriers from across the country gathered to take part and to preview what the organisation was all about.

Stockists of Jim Blurton Specialist Horseshoes

World Championship Blacksmiths stock a range of Jim Blurton specialist horseshoes including Graduated Bar, Egg Bar, Heart Bar, Straight Bar and Hind Sport Bar in various sizes.

Stockists of Jim Blurton Farrier Tools

World Championship Blacksmiths also stock tools from the Jim Blurton farrier tool range including Nippers,  Tongs, Pritchels, Buffers, Knives, Fullers, Stamps, Punches, Clenchers, spare hammer handles and accessories.

Contact Details

Craig Trnka
P.O. Box 382 World Championship Blacksmiths
47 Rainbow RD
New Mexico 87015-9522


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