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About Werkman Horseshoes

Werkman Horseshoes is an official stockist of Jim Blurton specialist horseshoes and farrier tools based in the Netherlands.

Hoefijzerfabriek Werkman & Co was established in Groningen and was formed in 1909 by brothers Hero and Berend Werkman. The company is now run by the fourth Werkman generation; Christel Werkman and her brother Reian Werkman.

Werkman Horseshoes has a long-standing tradition of producing and distributing quality horseshoes. They are committed to improving the horse’s performance and adapting to contemporary market requirements to supply their customers with high-quality horseshoes.

Stockists of Jim Blurton Specialist Horseshoes

Werkman Horseshoes stock an extensive range of Jim Blurton specialist horseshoes which include Graduated Bar, Egg Bar, Heart Bar, Straight Bar, Hind Sport Bar, Sport Heart Bar and Sport Straight Bar – all in various sizes.

Stockists of Jim Blurton Farrier Tools

Werkman Horseshoes also stock a vast range of Jim Blurton farrier tools which include Nippers, Hammers, Tongs, Pritchels, Buffers, Knives, Fullers, Stamps, Punches, Clenchers. They also stock accessories including tool boxes, vices, foot stands and spare hammer handles.  

Stockists of Nunn Farrier Tools

Werkman stock Nunn Farrier Tools – exclusively designed by Jonathan Nunn and manufactured by Jim Blurton for worldwide distribution. 

Stockists of the Gene Lieser Vice & Vice Stand

Werkman are also stockists of the Gene Lieser Vice and Stand, only available via Jim Blurton outside of North America.

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Werkman Horseshoes
9721 BT GroningenHelpermolenstraat 43

t: +31 0505218121

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