January 18, 2020

International Hoofcare Summit 2020

International Hoofcare Summit 2020

Jim will be at the 17th International Hoofcare Summit 2020, sponsored by American Farriers Journal. He will be with the great team at Well-Shod.com where you can see the full range of Jim Blurton Farrier Products including Nunn and Foreman’s Tools.

Date: 21st – 24th January 2020.

Venue:  Duke Energy Center, 525 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH, United States.

Jim Blurton Farrier Tools and Specialist Horseshoes Available

The Wellshod stand will hold a range of Jim Blurton Specialist Horseshoes and Farrier Tools, including a number of newly launched products. The team will be on hand to provide guidance on how to best use the tools. Also tips for working with the horseshoes and to assist with any specialist guidance required.

Clinics and Networking led by Industry Experts

The Annual International Hoofcare Summit offers unparalleled hoof-care education