This week’s featured product is the Jonathan Nunn Forging Hammer

Jim Blurton Farrier Tools has developed a tool design concept created by Jonathan Nunn. It combines the highest quality manufacturing and finishing processes. This creates a commercially available product which maintains its integrity and quality.

Based in Staffordshire, Jonathan Nunn has been sharing his knowledge of innovative tool designs and creations with many others in the industry through hosting hammer and tool making tutorials and clinics.

 Read on to find out more about the Jonathan Nunn Forging Hammer (available in 2lb and 2.3lb sizes).

Product Information – Jonathan Nunn Forging Hammer

The Jonathan Nunn forging hammer design concept came about from Jonathan’s own need to make a versatile hammer which puts energy into the hammer strike. The flat face weight improves the direct hit of the hammer blow and gives a more controlled and predictable hammer blow. The chosen material H13 is a hard yet lively tool steel which gives bounce back rather than a dead hit thus reducing effort and strain on the user.

Jon Nunn forging hammers benefit from:

High quality H13 heat treated tool steel;
Flat face weighted for greater striking control and accuracy;
Large strong eye which has waist to allow the shaft to remain tighter;
Compact design, with less wobble during use;
Face diameter is the perfect size for drawing and flattening steel;
Height and length of the flat face gives wear longevity;
The head length allows the user to drop your hand when clipping;
Large mass of material around the eye gives strength to the centre of the hammer.

Where can you buy the Jonathan Nunn Forging Hammer

Part of the Jonathan Nunn specialist tool range, the Jonathan Nunn Forging Hammer (available in 2 sizes) is available from Jim Blurton online shop.

The Jonathan Nunn Forging Hammer 2lb/ 2.3lb is available from £165.00 ex VAT and is available worldwide through the online shop.  Alternatively, find your nearest stockist here.