Gene Lieser Vice and Stand

Launched in Spring 2017, the Gene Lieser product range is exclusively available from Jim Blurton outside of North America. The product range includes the Gene Lieser vice and stand.

Gene Lieser is an invited brand, recognising the quality of the product. The innovation in design and ease-of-use, is something that is recognised throughout the Jim Blurton range of farrier tools.

Gene Lieser is based in Texas, United States. He is a world recognised and award winning Certified Journeyman Farrier. Gene Lieser provides master classes to farriers in the US and further afield along with developing his own range of expert horseshoes and farrier tools.

Read on to find out more about the Gene Lieser Vice and Stand.

Product Information – Gene Lieser Vice

The Gene Lieser vice is regarded as the world’s best vice for everyday use and farrier competitions. It will grip two shoes at the same time allowing you to work on the vice as a team. It will also grip two different thickness of shoes at one time with ease.

Product Information – Gene Lieser Stand

The Gene Lieser vice stand is designed to work exclusively with the Gene Lieser vice. Manufactured with quality steel, the vice stand is collapsible for easy transportation. Therefore it allows the vice to be easily secured to the base with four bolts.

Where can you buy

Patented by Gene Lieser, Jim Blurton is proud to manufacture this product under license. Jim Blurton is the only distributor of the vice outside of North America.

The Gene Lieser Vice is available from £377.20 ex VAT and is available worldwide through the online shop.

The Gene Lieser Stand is available from £213.10 ex VAT and is available worldwide through the online shop.