Blurton Farrier Tools in Ethiopia

Seven Ethiopian farriers that are being trained through the Brooke Global Farrier Project have each received a Jim Blurton buffer that was purchased at Farrier Focus from the Farriers Foundation. Currently horses in Ethiopia are shod in rubber shoes made from old tyres and nailed on with carpentry nails. With the training from Brooke Global Farrier Project they have learnt to make tongs, stamps and pritchels. With these skills in hand they are making shoes which they are now learning how to apply correctly.

Brooke Global Farrier Project

Brooke began working in Ethiopia back in 2006. At that time they were operational in only four districts in Southern regional state. Currently the organization is operating in 13 different districts across three regions (Oromia, Amhara, and Southern Regional state). They have intervention areas in 27 districts, and there are also another 16 new intervention areas planned.

Equines are more than just a domestic animal in Ethiopia – their existence in the community is helpful in so many ways. There are about one million cart donkeys and 250,000 cart horses working all day long. On average, one donkey serves up to three families at a time. These equines work in harsh conditions and there are many welfare issues that need to be addressed with Brooke’s intervention.

Blurton Farrier tools in Ethiopia helping Brooke Global farrier Project

The goal is to improve the welfare of 446,681 working equines in Ethiopia, including those most hard-to-reach

  • working with equine owners, users and handlers to improve their welfare practices and the livelihood of equine owners
  • working with local animal health practitioners, including vets, farriers, cart-makers and saddlers to ensure good quality services are available for working animals
  • supporting the improvement of equine facilities such as shelters, water points and service centres
  • working to increase the access communities have to equine medicines through the Drug and Vaccine Revolving Fund (DVRF) initiative
  • raising the profile of equine welfare in government policy and legal frameworks