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Derek Poupard is the inventor of 3D HoofCare and HoofCast. He started his career as a farrier in South Africa. Derek travelled the world having the opportunity to work in the USA, Dubai and United Kingdom on the highest profile horses in the world.

Derek spent most of his career ambitiously trying to improve the quality of a horse’s hoof, his latest efforts have shown positive results in a very short time frame.

Through the use of incorporating the latest technologies such as 3D printing to create the HoofCare product, as well as developing this product alongside his own HoofCast product, the goal was to emulate the horse hoof in its natural state of being barefoot.

With the use of his products, horses around the world are able to reach their full potential in a way that’s never been seen before.

The Goal

3D HoofCare is dedicated to both improving the quality of equine hooves and helping the equine athlete maximize it’s performance.

Using the horses natural bare foot as our reference point, 3D HoofCare is constantly looking at ways to maintain a healthy hoof using the very best trimming protocols, in unison with modern materials and techniques, innovated hoof pads and traditional horseshoes.

3D HoofCare has a range of products which can help both hoof care professionals around the world and the amazing horses they work on.

3D HoofCare

Although 3D printing has been around for many years, Derek quickly adapted to the technology and discovered how much of a difference he was able to make to a horses quality of life. The benefit of being able to design, print and apply in a matter of hours has revolutionized the industry.

The speed and effectiveness of this discovery allows for designs to always be improved upon. With the use of bespoke pads for specific horses, there aren’t many other solutions available in the market that meet the requirements of our clientele.


HoofCast is a product that is used to efficiently protect and aid a compromised foot. The product consists of a lightweight fiberglass cloth that when impregnated with water, activates a resin that will make it into a strong reinforcement for a hoof that has been compromised due to excess shoeing.

A regular horseshoe can be nailed onto this reinforced wall repeatedly without affecting the compromised hoof wall. It also used as a protection and reinforcement for thin walled horses to transition to barefoot effectively.

  • Dry Technique
  • Resin Impregnated Mesh Fabric
  • Three Sizes: 2” x 4 yds; 3” x 4 yds; 4″ x 4 yds.
  • Dry technique provides much greater working time
  • Allows the user the choice when to activate and cure the resin.
  • Resin impregnated mesh fabric conforms to the hoof.
  • Provides support, wear protection and stabilizes the whole hoof.
  • Two sizes give the user a choice depending on hoof size.

HoofCast Orthopaedic Casting Tape