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About F H U Kowalencki

F H U Kowalencki is a stockist of Jim Blurton specialist horseshoes and farrier tools based in Poland. They were established in 2012 and they provide Polish farriers with everything they need to perform optimal, effective and quality work, providing horseshoes, nails, products and professional tools for all types of horses.

Distributing worldwide Jim Blurton is widely acknowledged as a market leader in the crafting of functional, high-quality remedial horseshoes and farrier tools. They are used across the globe by farriers and horse owners who are dedicated to horse welfare whilst maximising equine performance.

Stockists of Jim Blurton Specialist Horseshoes

Suppliers of tools for farriers and equine care experts, F H U Kowalencki stock a range of Jim Blurton specialist horseshoes including Aluminium Race Bar, Graduated Bar, Egg Bar, Heart Bar, Straight Bar, Hind Sport Bar, Sport Heart Bar and Sport Straight Bar – all in various sizes.

Stockists of Jim Blurton Farrier Tools

F H U Kowalencki also stock tools from the Jim Blurton farrier tool range including Nippers, Hammers, Tongs, Pritchels, Buffers, Knives, Fullers, Stamps, Punches, Clenchers and accessories to include tool boxes, vices, foot stands and spare hammer handles.

Contact Details

Darius Liszka
Adama Mickiewicza 29a
05-870 Blonie

t: +48 500 020 631

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