Nunn Range of Tools

Nunn Farrier Tools for the modern farrier, is a brand partnership by Jonathan Nunn, Joshua Nunn and Jim Blurton.

Nunn Knives – A unique knife design made from high quality British steel.  The comfortable handle grip resembles a pastern, the brass horseshoe positioned on the handle butt is very useful when hot fitting or applying pressure to the hot shoe without damaging the knife. All Jonathan Nunn knives come with a variety of coloured handles

They are manufactured with Jim Blurton’s knowledge and experience combined with Jon Nunn’s innovative farriery concepts.

Brand Partnership

By working in collaboration, the Nunn range of tools now share the quality, innovation and ease-of-use that permeates through the Jim Blurton range of farrier tools. 

This new range of tools has been developed from an initial tool design concept created by Jonathan and Joshua Nunn.  Through Jim Blurton’s expertise in managing high quality manufacturing processes, including hardening and tempering, these tools are now commercially available. 

The Nunn range of farrier tools deliver consistent reliability, and are made for rigorous and regular use.