Brand Partnerships
Endorsed by
Jim Blurton

Introducing Jim Blurton Invited Brands – Jim Blurton has been designing and manufacturing specialist, remedial horseshoes and farrier tools for over ten years, and has developed an international reputation for quality and innovation.

Showcasing his farrier skills throughout the world at competitions and teaching clinics, Jim has met farriers who have designed and honed innovative farrier tools for their own use, which Jim would like to make commercially available.

This has now been made possible by Jim Blurton Invited Brands, a range of hand selected tools that Jim personally endorses as having the quality, innovation and ease-of-use that permeates through the Jim Blurton range of farrier tools.

These brand partnerships currently include Derek Poupard, 3D Hoofcare, Jonathan Nunn, Gene Lieser, Andy Reader Smith and Foremans Tools.

Working closely with the farrier who designed and manufactured the tool, Jim takes these handmade products and through an effective manufacturing and finishing process creates a commercially available product which maintains its integrity and quality.

If you have designed a farrier tool that would complement the Jim Blurton range please contact