Julia and Jim take top awards at Myerscough

Julia Cheney successfully completed her four year apprenticeship after passing her final exams in July. Julia has been widely regarded as one of the best apprentices in the country over the last four years and has regularly finishing in the top 3 in competitions she entered.

Julia’s success was recognised by Myerscough College where she was presented an outstanding achievement award for being the best apprentice in her intake over the 4 years of training. She also received an award for having the best portfolio.

Under the carful eye of Jim Blurton she has built a reputation for not only her shoeing and shoemaking skills but also for her analytical ability in solving foot problems. Julia will continue to work for Forden Farriers and who would bet against her becoming a National Champion!

Julia is the forth apprentice to qualify this year from Jim Blurton’s practice Forden Farriers. He has run his multi farrier practice in the mid Wales area for over 25 years. Jim is responsible for training many of the top farriers in the country and was rewarded by Myerscough College this year with the prestigious ATF of the year.

Jim was recognised by Myerscough for his outstanding success in producing not only top class farriers but also well rounded professionals. The facilities available at his forge in Forden were regarded as some of the best in the country. His dedication to continual development and teaching of the apprentices not only in terms of shoeing but also in all aspects of running a successful practice has made him one of the most sought after ATF’s in the country with many foreign applicants joining a long waiting list to train with him.


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