Jim Shows Fishlock his Farriery Skills

Trevor Fishlock of ITV Wales asks Jim about the Traditional Farriers Craft.

Jim Blurton has been recognised by his peers as one of the very best in the farrier business for many years. However he has now been recognised by the award winning journalist Trevor Fishlock. Trevor has been a prominent journalist in Wales for many years exploring its traditions and crafts. He came to see Jim in August to see him continue the traditional craft of shoe making and shoeing.

Jim and one of his apprentices, Kate Groes showed Trevor how to make shoe forging them from scratch and then fitting them. Jim commented that although modern technology advances at an ever increasing rate the craft of shoeing a horse has not really changed for centuries.

Trevor was keen to find out how Kate, “a women in a man’s world” coped with the physical demands of farriery. Kate recognises that strength is a factor in farriery but technique and the ability to relax a horse is more important.

Trevor was also keen to learn about Jim’s achievements in the farriery world especially becoming World Champion in 2005. Jim sees this as the proudest individual moment of long and illustrious career but also cited his membership of the Welsh Farrier Team for over 30 years as a great motivation to keep competing.

Jim also manufactures tools for the farrier industry selling them worldwide and has brought many traditional tools up to date introducing innovative tools to make the farriers life easier.


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