Jim is Voted ATF of the Year

With a career in Farriery spanning some 35 years Jim has always been more than willing to put back into the industry that provided him his livelihood. His efforts in training highly skilled farriers have been duly rewarded by the Worshipful Company of Farriers who have awarded Jim the title of Approved Training Farrier of 2010. During his career Jim has trained over 35 apprentices many of whom have gone on to compete and win in top national and international competitions.

He has dedicated a considerable amount of time and effort teaching them the skills and techniques for shoeing and shoemaking he has gleaned over the years. His knowledge of remedial shoeing and veterinary work has proved invaluable for the young men and women coming through the ranks at Forden Farriers. He has also invested a great deal of effort making the forge facilities at Forden some of the best in the country.

It is a testament to his skill and understanding of Farriery that many of his old apprentices still visit him on a regular basis to pick his brains. Jim also likes to make sure his apprentices get an all round education passing on his business knowledge along with the practical farriery skills. He also makes sure each one is an expert tea maker!!


Jim and Team Rule the World!

In February Jim and his team mates Matt Randles, Andy Reeder Smith and Mark Evans headed for Kentucky to compete in the World Horshoeing Classic. This prestigious event held at...Read More ...