Lateral Extension Hind Shoes

Lateral Extension Hind Shoes from Jim Blurton

Jim Blurton has developed his range of horseshoes to incorporate the new lateral extension hind shoe. This shoe is manufactured to the highest standards and continues to push the boundaries for readymade specialist shoes. The shoes have individual Pitch for each nail hole as well as being safed off in the toe and seated out.

Side clips are standard and they have the stud holes already punched. Jim has made sure that the farrier can easily fit these and have confidence in their stability. A deeper fullering on the outside branch of the shoe maintains a good strong nailing.

This shoe is used for many different things; they are very useful for horses that ‘Brush’ its works by widening the horses gait during locomotion. It can also be used as a support shoe and in the treatment of bone spavin. Horses with bone spavin attempt to unload the dorsal (front) aspect of the small tarsal joints by redistributing their weight.

The lateral extension is used in an attempt to make the horse more comfortable, by changing the weight distribution. Many horses with acute bone spavin tend to carry the lame leg in a fashion that will take as much strain off the medial aspect of the tarsal joint as possible, which leads to a distortion of the hoof capsule.

The action of each affected horse can vary depending on the severity of the condition and the conformation of the horse.

A good way of determining the placement of the extension is to watch the animal move and place the extension just behind the first point of contact between the hoof and a level surface. This is known as the point of “stab”. Such placement will widen the stance and gait and take some strain off the hock.

NB: Reference Shoeing For Bone Spavin in the Hind Limb J.T.Ferrie F.W.C.F


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