Jim Blurton is renowned as one of the world’s leading clinicians and has delivered clinics in all over the world. With Over 35 years in the farrier business Jim has amassed a huge amount of Knowledge and special techniques for shoeing and shoemaking. He has been a member of the World renowned Welsh International team for 32 years and has never finished out of the top 2 in the World Team Competition during that time. He has been placed in the top ten at the Calgary World Championships for over 20 years finally winning the World Title in 2005.Regarded as one of the best farriers of his generation Jim runs many varied clinics from shoe making and fitting to remedial shoeing and tool maintenance.


Jim and Team Rule the World!

In February Jim and his team mates Matt Randles, Andy Reeder Smith and Mark Evans headed for Kentucky to compete in the World Horshoeing Classic. This prestigious event held at...Read More ...