Heart Bar:

This shoe has been designed to offer maximum support to the foot and coffinbone whilst offering the farrier a shoe that is superbly balanced and easy to fit. Click here for more info about heart bar shoes

Straight Bar:

This shoe offers support to the heel and frog spreading the weight evenly throughout the foot. This design offers unique features such as.. Click here for more info about straight bar shoes

Egg Bar:

The Egg Bar has been designed to give extra support to the heal dispersing the weight alleviating any pre or navicular problems. This shoe incorporates.. Click here for more info about egg bar shoes

Graduated Frog Support Bar Shoe

The three degree wedge bar shoes have been designed to assist in the realignment of the HPA. This shoe has a set down bar which makes it easy to fit on a foot with a prominent frog. Click here for more information about Graduated Frog Support Bar Shoes

Hind Sports Bar Shoes

The New Hind Sports shoe with frog support, combines the benefits of an Egg bar and Heart bar shoe. The extended heel surface gives extra support relieving hock problems and the frog support alleviates sore suspensory liagament issues. Click here for more information on hind sport shoes


Jim and Team Rule the World!

In February Jim and his team mates Matt Randles, Andy Reeder Smith and Mark Evans headed for Kentucky to compete in the World Horshoeing Classic. This prestigious event held at...Read More ...